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frequently asked questions


Are your bagels American or Israeli (by that I mean I've seen in Israel they sell circle bread and call it a bagel)?  

A) Our bagels are real American bagels. They are boiled and baked the way they are supposed to be.


Where do you get your bagels from?

A) We make them ourselves with our very own homemade recipe.  


Do you do baskets only on Purim or do you also do it the rest of the year as well?

A) We are around the whole year.(excluding Pesach). Also not just baskets but also full and partial catering .


What do you mean partial catering?

A) It means, even if you do not want full catering, you could still order food from us either in containers or plattered for immediate usage.


Do you do any other types of  baskets?

A) We also do customized ones per our customers requests. 


What if  the person receiving the basket has certain allergies

A) Most times we can work with our customers to make the basket work for everyone. 


I recently tasted your food, it was delicious and I was wondering, do you by chance do fleishig ?

A) Sorry at this point we don't, but our breads are all baked in a strictly Parve oven.


I can't have wheat do you have any other options?

A ) Yes, we also make Spelt bagels. 


Do you have a minimum order on your breads?

A) Yes, 

     Bagels -  12

     Rolls  -    20

     Garlic Sticks -  15 


Do you have a minimum order on Waffles or Cheese Blintzes?

A) Yes, for both there is a minimum of 20      


What about a minimum for full catering?

A) Not exactly, but the price given for full catering is for 50 people. If you order for less the price goes up. 


Is there another way to pay ?

A) We also accept Zelle to (please contact us first)


Do you have any references?

A)Sure, please contact us and we'd be happy to send you some of our references.

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